Tuesday, November 12th

You may have heard that “SEO” is dead…

…that it’s a waste of your ($$$) money.

Let me assure you in my presentation, I will show you that much like Chachi, “SEO” is still very much alive.

I will be covering “MY” Search Engine 101, Best SEO Practices, Local Search, Paid Search, I’ll touch on the next level & so much more during the Q&A.

SEO is not dead! It has evolved…

… The problem you’re hearing of; is more the result of SEO Strategist’s (SEO’s) not keeping up. Maybe they were using Apple Maps and missed the turn. Who knows? I know that it’s evolved into an integral part of the much bigger, more complete INTERNET MARKETING machine.

Come to my presentation & I guarantee ;-) your full “FREE” admission back if you don’t…

…implement more than one of my Internet Marketing strategies. In addition, you’ll receive at least 3 of my internet marketing secrets for conversion. BTW, That’s no joke.

Either way, It’ll be good fun & worth your time…

…I’ll leave you with this, Why did the Spider cross the road? Find out at the next Palm Beach IT Association meeting.

Register now. This one will fill up fast, Thank you.

Gregory Tammany, TAMMANYtechs.com

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