Wednesday, September 25th

September’s meeting will be at a different location and at a different time.

One of our members, Robert Oliva, the Information Technology Administration Program Coordinator for Southeastern College, will not only be presenting to our group, but will be hosting our meeting at Southeastern College as well.

Robert will be providing us with a tour of the facility, along with asking each of us if we would be interested in joining their advisory board in the assisting of possible new courses and/or curriculums.

This meeting will be held at Southeastern College’s campus located at 6812 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite D-1, Greenacres, Fl. 33413. This meeting will also be moved from our normal Tuesday night to Wednesday, September 25th (that’s the last Wednesday of September). Please make the necessary changes to your calendars so that you don’t miss this meeting.

Hope to see everyone there!

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