Tuesday, February 12th

This is written verbatim by our presenter (if you were at our last meeting, you heard me mention who it was):

“When you go out to meet with a potential new client or you are on site for a project with a current client, how do you represent your company? Is your hair combed? Is your shirt tucked in? Hopefully you have on a nice pair of shoes and not flip-flops! Do you like showing off that ultra thin Dell laptop or that new Galaxy Note II Smartphone or maybe that cool iPad Mini? How about when you install that new powerful dual socket 8-Core PowerEdge Dell server or maybe you just finished lighting up that 10-station Avaya VoIP phone system or maybe you like building your own custom Linux firewalls. You take pride in yourself and how you represent your company, right?

Having all those top of the line brand name electronics sound great, doesn’t it? You know what would look better?

Stop by on February 12, 2013 to find out how you can make your company not only look better but more importantly strengthen and promote your own company brand!

For those who attend (physically NOT virtually, you know who you are!) will be added to the drawing (don’t forget bring your business cards, you know who you are!) to receive a ‘special’ prize based on the topic of the meeting. We are referring to the Main Meeting and not the MAM (Meeting After the Meeting, you know who you are!) and receiving a shot of Jack / Patron unless you are buying, then I doubt others will mind!”

Our meeting will be hosted by Windstream Communications, located at 1641 Worthington Road, Suite 140, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 at 6:30 pm.

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